Main services

+Specialist Programming
All levels of AMX & Crestron projects are undertaken. We’re certified for both. Whether you have a single small meeting room, or a site with hundreds of meeting rooms or residences, we’re happy to take it on and think you will be impressed with the result.
+Pioneer Projects
Even if it has been said that a particular device cannot be controlled, or if something has never been completed/attempted/finished before,, we’re likely to be able to get the closest to getting it done.
+GUI Workshops
We can work with you and your users to develop a GUI that is not only intuitive, but also based around your brand and how your users expect to use their systems.
+Small Works Support
Our small works team is here to assist in the success of smaller projects. These can range from the smallest of Extron MLC projects to some Crestron MPCM systems. The Small Works team also internally support the Specialist team in testing, loading and commissioning larger systems. The team also get heavily involved in training and the production of manuals.
+Remote Control Solutions
There are occasions where it is just not possible to get on site, or where 24 hours working can be advantageous. We have several remote access solutions which can be quickly installed to allow us to continue working even when not on site and where the site IT infrastructure is protected.
+Outsourced Service Support
Our internal asset management system is here to assist you. We have both AMX RMS Enterprise and Crestron Fusion RV site management systems running at our end. For a very reasonable cost we can code and point your systems to our server, and take over the software maintenance of your system, upgrading firmwares and code where needed, and report back on any assets we feel may need attention.
+O&M Manuals
Full Operation & Maintenance manuals can be included for in our price – just ask. Each manual is provided electronically, in addition to as many bound printed copies as you need.
Full training sessions can be delivered on our systems, or even systems we have not been involved with.
+Asset Management Systems
We’re fully versed in programming for Crestron Fusion RV and AMX RMS Enterprise . In fact, we were one of the first in the UK to successfully implement a fully functional RMS Enterprise solution, at NBCUniversal (case study here). Our AMX VIP status and AMX RMS certification is a combination shared by only 4 others in the UK and Europe. Crestron CTI CSP certification is also something we are very proud of.

Services overview

After years as AV programmers, we’ve developed many advanced procedures that allow us to successfully manage and deliver your projects in a timely fashion. Key to us is ultimately that you are happy that your project is what your customer wants, what you want, and is to budget.

There are some key processes assist us in this.

  • GUIs
    It would be true to say that we are pretty fanatical about GUIs. In a controlled AV environment, you could have the best install and workmanship in the country; but if the GUI – and therefore intuitivity – doesn’t work, then the entire job standard is lowered. We have access to advanced graphics and approaches, and can work with your brand & ideas to deliver the look and feel you need. Put us in touch with your branding team or send us what you have. Even if you have nothing, we can use your web or print presence as a basis....
  • Code
    Of course the GUI only tells part of the story. Once the front end is right, it is critical that the system is able to deliver on your control inputs. We’ve all likely been in the position where we have used or demonstrated and something has not worked (usually when the CEO is in town). The vast majority of our control modules are written in-house, and those that are not are thoroughly tested and signed off in our own sandbox environment before they go near any of our software or systems. In short, our stuff pretty much works first time: handy when your deadlines are tight and the heat is on....
  • Commissioning
    We know our stuff – and so when it comes to the stage where we are needed on site, we’re equipped with all of the mental and physical tools in order to assist in getting the job in and finished. Whether that means working double shifts with the team to get you to meet your next milestone, or changing things on the fly to suit a client variation at the last gasp, we’ll always be doing it with your deadlines clearly in focus. It is true to say that if variations are large and complex, additional orders may be needed, but we will work with you to get what is needed to be done, done....
  • Hand Over and Support
    At final completion, you’ll receive a copy of your source code in your own cloud based drive that we will invite you to. If you need a disc too, we can do that. Our code is usually pretty spot on, but should a bug crop up, we’re happy to reattend for free to put it right. Of course we would prefer to stay as your programmer for that system, so if you’re happy, call us as the system changes during it’s lifetime and we’ll support it in terms of code upgrades and updates. Moving forward, we can monitor and maintain your system software remotely if required; let us know if you need a demonstration....

What we do

We’re primarily programmers. All we need from you is a design, some dates, a brief, and an idea of who the end user is, and we can go from there. We’re fairly autonomous once the order is received, and can liaise directly with all parties if needed.

How we do it

We’ve been around for long enough to recognise how a system should work, and how users would expect it to work. We’ll draw on that experience as well as our technical expertise to make it happen. Should the system be unusual, a workshop is generally all that’s needed to get everyone on the same page.

What’s the price

Nearly all projects are on a fixed price basis, allowing you to plan your budget and your timescales in advance. Programming methods can be tweaked, so if you are comfortable, let us know your budget and we’ll do our best to better it.