Based around the corner from Victoria station, Petroineos integrated a wide range of kit. One fully fledged Video Conferencing boardroom, two smaller meeting rooms, one fully fledged boardroom, and two integrated CEO offices. This boardroom was very interesting due to the large displays and switching required. It housed two side by side NEC 70″ screens, with touch overlay.

Additionally, a Dexon image processor provided a grid showing any or all of 9 PC inputs available in the space. PC inputs could be allocated or deallocated to the Dexon, and with one touch all could be routed to the left hand screen. Then, pressing any one of the PCs shown on the grid would then ‘flick’ the image to the right screen, making for some very slick presentations. An innocuous looking keyboard and mouse at the desk was given super powers by the fact that it could control any of the 9 PCs that were on view, simultaneously with the interactivity of the screens themselves. Additionally the usual suspects such as Cisco Video Conferencing and Exterity IPTV were present.

This environment was powered and controlled by the AMX MXT1900L wide panel, which offered a very easy to use interface (following the client branding) when compared to the power of the room. Each CEO Office also had MXT1900s and whilst primarily controlling their own rooms, their panel could select and route any of the 9 boardroom PCs to the CEO office screen – and take control of the PC from the CEO Office keyboard and mouse, partly thanks to some clever custom USB switching.

Finally the entire estate utilises AMX RMS for room booking, having 7 inch portrait room booking panels branded around client guidelines.