O2 Roadtruck

The new roadtruck from O2 posed a specific challenge: the site was essentially a mobile superstore, and though the same end users were typically going to be working on the truck no matter where it went, their focus was not on AV, but on doing their own very busy jobs. A dozen small zones were controlled from a single AMX 15″ Modero panel. The focus here was on maximising functionality, but keeping the interface so simple that operating would become as easy as turning on lights at the start of each working day. As a result, we developed the O2 Snapshot which is now standard across all large AMX controlled O2 sites. With the O2 Snapshot, a configuration can be set up to an exact level (down to lighting settings, volume levels, state and position of playback equipment) and then saved under a custom name. This custom configuration can then be recalled either on a timed basis, or manually during the couse of a day.