O2 Leeds White Rose

The Leeds (White Rose Centre) O2 store is an extremely unique project in terms of what the system needs to do (in an automated manner) but also in that it needs to be fully manually overridden at any given time for custom events.

Like the O2 Roadtruck (see here), the staff do not have AV as their main focus, but rather need to work alongside the system without giving it too much thought. This system consisted of AMX DGX matrices and dozens of inputs and outputs.

The ‘heads’ space appears to be a simple (but funky) headphone sales stand. Here, O2 content is played to all headphones. However, a member of the public can plug their own device in.. and via our code monitoring the live audio signal this is switched to the headphones saving any interaction from the members of staff at all.

AMX RMS technology monitors the many elements of this store and reports back accordingly, minimising the chances of things going wrong without a plan already in place.