Network Rail HQ

A large site containing dozens of controlled AV spaces meant a collaboration job for both the Specialist Programming team and the Small Works team. Here, preparation off-site was key in pigeon holing the rooms into different categories. Once done, code was written, thoroughly tested and debugged off site, then installed on site and tested once more.

Areas consisted of a client facing/training area, containing small boardrooms, up to large divisible spaces. Many Team Collaboration areas also existed, containing Smartboards. Finally, Incident Rooms and Command & Control spaces wrapped up the control element.

Once working, it was over to the Small Works team to complete commissioning and then roll the systems out to the multiple rooms. At the end, the Specialist team were in once more to get a debrief and then complete the last two sizable Command & Control areas.

An interesting and varied project which presented the unique challenge of having a large site needing dedicated site presence and off site support, but primarily lots of planning and preparation.