Dutch Embassy: London

An interesting project utilising AMX DVX3150 processors with their built in scaling and matrixing capabilities. What made this job a bit different was the potential ranges of presentations that could take place, and the variety of presenters.

As such, we programmed a fully automated switching system that could detect a laptop or other presentation device being plugged in (over three different switchers, only one of which was AMX). This detection would then completely fire up the system and set the audio levels appropriately. Multiple presenters could subsequently plug and unplug machines and the code would switch the image to them (and back from them) in order. O

ne all were unplugged, after a set amount of time the system would switch off (utilising a fully controllable power distribution system in the equipment rack). The system drew praise from the client mainly for its ease of use, but unexpectedly for us from the building manager, who was impressed at the extremely small energy footprint that the technology used.