Cornwallis Academy

This new-build Academy in Maidstone presented some very interesting control challenges in an equally interesting environment. 5 year group areas (known as ‘plazas’) were spread along the building and consisted of a range of presentation and collaboration equipment. Running on several AMX NI3100 processors, with AMX MVP9000 panels, the key to the success of the project was in how intuitive it would be to use. Several touchpanel workshops took place with not only the integrator, but also consultants and end users, and the end result is impressive in that no training is required in order to use what is very complex equipment.

The site is fully equipped with AMX RMS Enterprise, allowing administrators to schedule presentations, monitor power and source usage, and most importantly proactively look after consumable ordering (such as lamps and filters).

Lighting had particular importance too, and a full DMX system controlled from panel sliders allows the users not only to set various lighting themes, but also store those themes and replay them later.

This presentation demonstrates some of the approaches and technologies in place.