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Oakville is an experienced Audio Visual system programming company with a reputation for first class delivery.

We play an important role before, after, and during your small or large project.

Our speciality lies with control software - usually AMX, Extron or Crestron - and assisting you to get the most out of your system. Our team of programmers, consultants and AV commissioners has over 50 years experience, and we can work with you from the design stage all the way through to training and champagne corks. Or, you can call on us for a specific element. That need not be the last you see of us; we can also configure your system to talk to one of our Crestron Fusion or AMX RMS maintenance servers and call you should anything report something's wrong, or just if you've missed a lamp or filter that needs changing.

We'll deal primarily with your AMX, Crestron, Extron, RTI, Procon & Pronto requirements to name a few, but can deal with pretty much any other AV programming or consultancy requirement too.

A two tiered system - Specialist and Small Works - ensures you get the right man on the job at the right price. Guys from either team benefit from back office support and there are systems in place that allow them to focus 100% on the job in hand ensuring a speedy and targeted approach.

Either team can also consult if you wish - even if you don't have any AV control. We've been around long enough to know what will work, and more importantly, what wont.

Get in touch if you need us - we're here to help.

Why Use Us?

  • Number One Oakville has been around since 1999, and as a team we have industry experience spanning decades. We're certified in all relevant disciplines - including membership of the exclusive AMX VIP, Extron GC Pro Certification and Crestron CSP schemes. Crucially we have plenty of real world experience. No-one can claim to know it all in today's rapid-paced technological environment, but even if there is something that escapes us, chances are we'll know where to look to find the answer.
  • All Markets We don't like to have favourites, so we work in all markets. Recent projects span MOD, Education, Leisure, Corporate, Retail and Residential markets. We've worked for some big names within those sectors - from celebrity houses in residential, through to corporate environents like Microsoft, Aon, Liberty Syndicates, Google, and RBS. Chances are our code is running in the next O2 shop you pop into, and it could also be running a Plaza at your local Academy school.
  • Competitive Pricing You're sure to find a structure that suits you. Rarely do we work by the hour or day, preferring to give you a fixed price to allow you to plan your costs in advance rather than watch your profit get eaten by staff or day-raters. Within reason "To Budget" works are available too, for those jobs that inevitably slip through the net and get undersold.
  • We Listen We're never going to dictate to you how we think your project should run or work. We'll work with you to your milestones, or assist in planning when needed. Ultimately your vision is what counts, and we'll help you achieve it.
  • Nice Guys There's a lot of stress in our industry. We easily fit in with the rest of your team; our work ethic is based around a relaxed, nice and friendly - but driven - approach. Client facing is important to us; we're equally happy to go in under our own, or your flag.

Need Something? Get in Touch!

Accounts & Admin: 01628 778801 Code & Engineers: 01276 819189 .